The Legal Service Specifications for Immigration applicants by Investment

The visa and residence procedure by founding a business or acquiring a business in Germany for foreign investors and business startups as well as their family members comprises various services.

The following legal services are part of the consulting agreement between the law firm Jaberi and the client:

1. ‘’Conception and creation of a business project based on success’’. This means analysis and selection of the location, and preparation of a business plan for the business of the client in Germany, which meets the requirements of § 21 Residence Act (so-called process of sales planning such as analysis of the client’s business planning on the respective market, setting the goals of the client and determination of capital etc.).

2. Preliminary check whether the intended self-employed activity of the client is subject to the authorization requirement? Is it a freelance activity?

3. After having informed ourselves about the subject of approvals, qualifications and formal requirements for starting a business, the next section of the business plan will continue with the section on choosing a legal form: Here we usually recommend the formation of a GmbH as a corporation (this form of the Company is recommended only on the basis of limited liability). But there are also several design options conceivable, such as the creation of a closed fund, public limited companies and other forms of participation.

– Preparation and registration of a limited liability company

– Company name: Availability check

– Scheduling for the founding of the GmbH with notaries and handling of all necessary formalities in power of attorney.

– Entry in the public commercial register (commercial register entry by notary), business official registration.

4. Business account opening (Dollar and Euro account for the new GmbH).

5. Drafting a memorandum of association, executive contract, meeting with the notary at the first general meeting representing the company, if necessary.

6. Preparation and finalization of a business plan.

7. The final production and sending of all documents in the given order as well as the completion of the application forms for clients will be done by post (for example DHL) for the purpose of agreeing a visa date to the respective German diplomatic mission:

a) Compilation of the documents to apply for „D Visa„ at the German Consulate General / the German Embassy abroad.

b) Appointment at the German Consulate General / German Embassy abroad to apply for the ‘’D Visa’’.

c) Personal training in preparation for ‘’D Visa’’ interview with the German Consulate General / the German Embassy abroad, if necessary.

8. Accompaniment of the client after successful visa issuance in Germany for a period of about one month to obtain the residence permit:

a) Setting an appointment with the local immigration office for the client to obtain the title is necessary.

b) Calculation and conclusion of a health insurance, residence registration at the city registration office, conclusion of the tenancy agreement, compilation of documents to

c) apply for a residence permit at the immigration office in Germany.

9. Appointment and assistance with applying for the residence permit.

Periodic resubmissions to check the status quo of the client. Any queries to the responsible chamber of commerce or the foreign authority.

10. After successful issuing of the D visa and entry of the client to Germany, the residence permit must be applied for.

11. End of commissioning.

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