Contract Law

In this field our work comprises drafting as well reviewing contracts resp. individual provisions as well as asserting or defending claims resulting from this.

We advise you in founding, restructuring and reorganising companies and dealing with disputes in companies and enterprises. Working out general business terms and conditions and constantly adapting them to current legislation and the law of the commercial agent are further important parts of our work.

In the field of claims management we represent domestic as well as foreign companies and private persons against German debtors in the whole of the Federal Republic and offer them a professional collection from one source – from the initial lawyer’s claims letter to compulsory execution. The lawyer’s collection thereby offers you the following benefits:

  • A lawyer does not take a percentage of the claims. This means you receive the full claim amount when the debtor pays.
  • The claim must not be assigned – as is often the case with collection agencies. A complicated write-off of the claim is not necessary.
  • If the debtor objects to the default summons, the possibilities of a collection agency are exhausted. The claim must then be passed on to a lawyer anyway. This means for you an unnecessary delay as well as additional costs.
  • Moreover, you have to bear the collection costs yourself when using a collection agency since they are not imposed on the debtor, in contrast to the lawyer’s fee.

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